PUBG: How to get free latest UMP9 Skin in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has never neglected to bring new and great clothing types and skins. The updates are showing signs of improvement with time as are the skins for your characters and their clothing types. Each firearm from the powerful Sniper Rifles to the Pistols has heaps of skins for the amusement. So here is another skin for the most adored SMG.
latest UMP9 Skin in PUBG Mobile

Latest UMP9 Skin in PUBG Mobile

UMP9, the relentless SMG and an outright most loved for a considerable lot of us are up with another skin. The skin in yellow and green looks dope and is named as the SUPERWAVE skin. The skin is another expansion to different skins of the UMP9 skin. Prior skins like the RUGGED ORANGE skin was cherished and loved by numerous individuals of its fans. Yet, there's a dismal actuality about the skin, nope it's not about the ELITE PASS, the skin isn't accessible for Indian server. In any case, there's nothing to stress over. Indeed, you can even now get the skin, on the grounds that there's dependably an opening for a mice to get past and the way isn't that extreme.


1. FAST Download the "SOLO VPN" app on your phone.
2. Now you open the VPN and select the Thailand Server and then switch to the game.
3Next step open PUBG Mobile on your phone. As the game starts to run.
4Now go to the shop and redeem you superwave skin for your UMP9 and boom you are good to hunt some chickens down.

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